don’t mess….

I took my bruises to kick boxing class today. I was still sore from sailing but decided to ignore it and I think the class and biking home helped a lot. Class was CRAZY. I don’t think I have ever been so sweaty. Part of it was the working out and part was that the workout room didn’t have any air conditioning. But I kept up and gave it my all!  There were these little trying-to-be-hardcore girls that were  being super annoying. They kept whooping and hollering to get pumped (not in time to the music) and then would lose energy and basically quit. They sucked in their tinsy (ill fitting) workout outfits. The thing is is that they weren’t that in shape and they acted like they were all hardcore as their bellys flopped about. Its the 24hour fitness!!! Seriously- the McDonalds of gyms, get over it! Anyway- I think I accidentally took one of their spots (I haven’t been to this particular class before) and they seemed annoyed. It’s a kickboxing aerobics class! Christ! Anyway- I could have kicked their butts! Did they see my bruises!!! I am so hardcore 😉

It wasn’t quite as funny as my instructor last week almost getting into a fight with the yoga teacher. I love 24hour fitness


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