Doing: class
Reading: F*%king Kant
Watching: The Good Wife
Listening: The Splendid Table
Saving: 0
Buying: split shot americano, mini chicken salad sandwich, baked lays
Exercising: Shred level 1, walk home from school

On my walk home I could smell summer around the corner. It was cold but the air smelled like rain on hot pavement.

We read a section in Kant today that I really liked. Usually it seems repetitive and cold but this had more feeling–maybe just because I like what he was talking about. He said there are three kinds of value: Market Value (like something that has value as deemed by society and can be exchanged- like goods and services), Fancy Value (I’m fancy! kidding…something that has value because you, individually, give it value- personal value…like luxury items, candy, wit or humor). Last he says Dignity is value when something has value because of itself. That is Kants big thing- that something is moral when something is good for itself, nothing else. Like you should give to the poor because it is good to give to the poor not because it could get you into heaven or because it makes you feel better. The process by which an act is done is the only portion that matters and must be good- the end result does not matter. In fact if you do it for those reasons it is not only not moral, but immoral.

Back to Dignity… He lists Art as an example of Dignity. Because art is an expression of an artist’s Maxims (personal expressions/rules of the Moral Law–Moral Law is similar to Socrates’ The Good; the ultimate nirvana or morality) and is good in itself because its process/purpose is to express those maxims. So what other people put on it: fancy or market value does not matter because it will always exist only as personal expression of the Moral Law.

I think that is pretty sublime- that Art will always exist as this pure Dignity no matter what society does to it.


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