sex in the city…

Doing: running with 2 dogs/ homework
Reading: F*%king Kant
Watching: Sex in the City
Listening: Fresh Air, The Splendid table
Saving: 0
Buying: Coffee refill
Exercising: Short run with Copa and Cooper, Shred level 2

If it were not the Sex in The City where Carrie cheats on Aiden, I would not be writing right now. I can’t bear to watch it- so heart wrentching. I love old Sex in the City episodes. I am sad that the movies are essentially trash with product placement. No sex discussions. I still watch/will watch them- but only 3-4 times, not the infinite times you can watch the series.

I ran with Cooper (the Golden retriever) and Copa (the lil’ rat terrior). Only a mile or two cause it was cold and I had homework. Copa did really good considering she does not run with us. She only got clothes-lined by Cooper once. That is impressive. Cooper tends to get super excited about runs- he also gets super excited about socks, cardboard, flies, shadows, garbage, birds, leaves, dirt….yeah he’s only a year old.

So good day today. This is short, uneventful. I want to work on video so I will try to post something soon. I know good blogs include lots of visuals and mine has been lacking. Hmmm…. here’s an oldie



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