the law…

Doing: being grouchy
Reading: F*%king Kant
Watching: Blazers during dinner
Listening: This American Life (every monday I listen to the weekends episode–I’ve listened to every episode, seriously the whole 10+year archive)
Saving: 0
Buying:NF Moonstruck Hot cocoa
Exercising: walk to my car- LAME
Eating: NF iced lattee, 1/2 scone, oatmeal, 6 fish nuggets and salad, orange, 12oz moonstruck hot cocoa, almonds, puffins cereal, pinot noir (I like the pinots), enchiladas (stuck to one small serving!), salad w/cucs, couple of sweet potato fires

I am a little concerned about $ because I have ALOT to save and not much time to do it. $ always gets eaten up by necessities like car insurance and school tuition. I forget-well not when it comes to paying them because I pay them- but I forget that between $300-$600 a month goes out the window with crap like that. Luckily, these next few months will be the last because I will be done paying for school (payingrightnow- here come LOANS) and I am not taking my car to Philly. I love my car- its the best car in the world- but it would just sit in front of our house in Philly and I wouldn’t use it. I plan to bike, walk, and use big city transport for my time there. For traveling we will either fly or train everything. W will have a car but I don’t think he will even use his much. We are moving to a BIG city where cars are not necessary and actually a hindrance.

I have to be proud of myself though. No loans this year- I am mainly only taking 1 class so I don’t qualify, but last term I took 2 and that was almost $800 gone. Plus I am buying plane tickets and other big ticket items (and making quite a dent in the good ol’ credit card).  So I cannot be too hard on myself. But still- it does not seem like it is enough. It is- but today I was struggling with it and felt like there was no way to accomplish the goals I have set for myself. Fucking hormones.

On to ‘the law…’. When I got home from the beach yesterday I watched 6 HOURS of television. 6 HOURS!!! STRAIGHT!!! Well almost. But still. As with candy, I have no control. I have been off candy for 6 months- people think its strange but those who know me well know I HAVE NO CONTROL WITH CANDY so it has to be all or nothing- and it is time to seriously put my foot down on tv watching. SO the goal (or law) I am setting for myself is to watch hulu (spotty internet makes hulu not so much fun) or movies or as much tv as I want while cuddling with W but when I am by myself I cannot watch tv (and by tv I usually mean 6 hours of platinum weddings where I yell things like “YOU SPEND 1 MILLION DOLLARS ON TACKY CRYSTALS HANGING FROM YOUR FLOWERS!!! CAN YOUR 50K DRESS LOOK CHEAPER?!?!?!)

So that is ‘the law…’. We shall see how it goes.


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