paint wars…

W and I fight, debate, argue—whatever you want to call it. We are stubborn, passionate, individuals who feel strongly about both significant and insignificant issues. For example, one of our earlier, friendlier, debates was regarding acoustics during weddings. I felt that during a wedding you spend a ton of money making it gorgeous so it would be awful to have microphones and speakers hanging about; especially if it were a natural outdoor wedding. W feels that if you are inviting your family to hear and witness such an important ceremony then you better make sure they can actually do so. We finally agreed that audio equipment would have to be tastefully hidden but present. I pretty much gave in after attending a very nice outdoor wedding that was an hour long in 110 degree heat and couldn’t hear a thing. I was okay (sweaty but okay) but I felt bad for the elderly in attendance who were melting away while not hearing anything. NOTE- we were not discussing any future wedding just the philosophies surrounding weddings in general.

Our current debates, which can get pretty dirty at times, involve paint. Neither of us plan to own a house in the near future, let alone paint but its something but we argue about it anyway. I grew up in a house where walls were white or a slight variation of white. My room was blue but very pale and our living room was slightly creamy to give it warmth but I am from a family that loves light; no dark or bright colors. W’s family is different. They love color. W thinks white walls are cheap: meant for rentals or hospital rooms. I think bright walls are tacky: manic and hurt my eyes. How do we resolve this?

We are pretty much the Romeo and Juliet of paint.


3 thoughts on “paint wars…

  1. violet says:

    Um….you could COMPROMISE? Let him paint little rooms like the bathrooms and closets bright colors, and you get to do the bigger rooms in light colors. Duh.

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Bathrooms should be white. Besides if we compromise then what would we argue about?

  3. violet says:

    wait till i finish the bathroom remodel i have conjured up in my head for the new place. white bathroom, schmwhite bathroom.

    lucky for me, Dave just lets me do whatever i want.

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