Doing: oil change
Reading: F*%king Kant
Watching: United States of Tara, Sex in the City
Listening: Radiolab- various shorts
Saving: 0
Buying:NF lattee, ice tea, oil change
Exercising: walk from Toyota Dealer to work, Bike from work to Toyota dealer, Run from Mom’s to gym and back (4.30 miles), weights/abs at gym
Eating: NF Lattee, Coconut Lentil soup and 1/2 ham/turkey sandwich, ice tea, hot chocolate, poppyseed pound cake, sesame crackers, glass of 1% milk, ceral (puffins) w/1% Milk

Today was interesting. I spent the night at W’s last night and forgot clean clothes-if you know what I’m saying…! So I had to borrow some…if you know what I saying…! First thing I noticed was that Men’s ‘clothes’ are very comfortable. These particular ‘clothes’ were soft and snug and way warmer then my usual ‘clothes.’ I also notice that they are a lot more high waisted then my usual. That was weird. Anyhoo- it was good until I had to run to the gym and I was wearing my super cool mesh (like basketball jersey material but exaggerated 20 times) pants that have a full lining in them. They are capri’s and so warm I usually don’t wear them outside of winter or very cold days. I was also wearing two tank tops because its that weird warm/cold weather. So I felt pretty padded- I could have played rugby. I even rubbed my armpits raw on the multiple tanks. LAME.

Anyhoo- I am sweating hard doing the abs where you lift your legs straight out (pike) on those ab/pull up machines. There was a guy doing LEG LIFTS across the way BACKWARDS WITHOUT CLOTHES!!!! I know men would stare at naked breast and but men without ‘clothes’ and baggy shorts- its more like a carwreck- in this case an ungroomed carwreck that no one wanted to see. Gross! I had to close my eyes to finish my set. Seriously- who goes to the gym without ‘clothes’ on. Wouldn’t that be like a woman without a sports bra? Wouldn’t the ‘bits and pieces’ jiggle around?

This might have to be filed in ‘too much sharing’ file.


One thought on “underarmour….

  1. lmsanderswilcox says:

    weight- I used my mom’s scale so it might be off but it said -2lbs but I will only do -1 one to account for discrepency.

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