Doing: being at work at 7am 😦
Reading: F*%king Kant
Watching: Glee
Listening: NPR
Saving: 0
Buying: Flip Flops and NY Plane ticket
Exercising: Bike to work, kick boxing class, abs class
Eating: coffee, oatmeal, lemongrass chicken, popcorn, apple, cereal

weight:dunno- scale at the gym was broken might have to figure out a new system.

Sorry about the absence–stuff was going on including a midterm and going to work early. Life is rrrrooouughghghhhh-kidding. Today I was buying flip flops, my one summer purchase, and I saw them. The iridescent sunglasses of my dreams. HUGE SHIELDS so oily–each pair could have drained texas. beautiful.

Why the crap do I like these? They are almost the size of snowboarding googles and they’re weird. I couldn’t actually wear them for long periods of time because they would leave a stripe of untanned skin across my face. BUT I would be so cool, chic, because my face would be completely monotone with a flash of weirdness. Pretty much I would be have the strength/coolness of Arnold’s terminator.

But I didn’t buy them. I would be so disappointed in myself. This blog is about accountability and  spending money on anything I want is not following that.  No matter how much I dream of terminator sunglasses.


3 thoughts on “terminator

  1. claire says:

    NY trip??

    • lmsanderswilcox says:

      Yeah- in June. W has a big conference so I get to tag along and then we are going to the Jersey Shore for a couple days.

  2. Violet says:

    FIST PUMPS!!!!

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