Doing: Hanging with W and Family
Reading: Nothing
Watching: Fringe
Listening: Radio Lab. The Antlers: Hospice
Saving: blah
Buying: Nothing! Free coffee day at Starbucks!
Exercising: Bike to and from work, gym: 300 calories/2.3miles eliptical, 150 calories/mile treadmill, abs, stretching. 30 girly pushups, 15 normal pushups.
Eating: coffee, cream of wheat with a little brown sugar, 5 pretzel sticks, vegan soup from soupcycle, bread, microwave popcorn, ice tea w/2% milk, glasso’wine, meatloaf, bread, blue cheese spread from New Seasons, salad.

weight: -1.5 (-3 total) 04/14/10

I am lame. I never do anything or want to do anything like go out dancing or drink with the gang. I don’t even have a gang anymore. Is this apart of being old? Where going out seems like too much work. Maybe it has more to do with not being single. I blame it on you boyfriend!!! Ha- kidding he would love it if I went out.
I would much rather work out at the gym- it is challenging, good people watching and free (after the sunk cost of memebership). I also enjoy having dinner with my brother and family and boyfriend- we did that tonight, it was nice. I like watching tv and snuggling. I like going to the dog park. I like the idea of summer bqqs and sitting on the front porch drinking a glass of wine but going out- seems like work if you like to be in bed by 11. 11?!?!? Two years ago I was staying up until 3 or 4 am wondering where the after party was. I wasn’t ever a heavy drinker and I don’t do drugs but I often couldn’t dance enough. I don’t seem to get lost as easily in a crowd moving my booty. I like to move my booty- I just prefer hip hop aerobics over real life hip hop. I am pretty sure that is the definition of LAME.
OH! Yesterday I held plank (on my elbows which I think is easier) for 1 minute!!!

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