my workout…

Doing: Various homework items & Dog Park with Cooper and Copa
Reading: St. Augustine, On Free Choice of the Will
Watching: Sex and the City
Listening: This American Life (something on money)
Saving: -$ 😦 took money out of savings because I fell off my very tight budget
Buying: coffee
Exercising: biking home from work
Eating: Coffee, pancakes, turkey chile with black beans & spinach, decaf americano, icecream & cake (baked alaska), greek salad, few pretzel sticks

Weighing: -1.5lbs!!! (04.07.1)

Today was resolving last weekend. Last weekend sucked and now things are better. I am not exercising a whole lot- I did last weekend so I don’t feel bad about it. I will get up early and SHHRRREEEDDD. I mean the dvd not knar.

So I did bike home and conquered the hill by my house. On the way home I literally turned around yelling at a guy because I LUVed his sunglasses. I am obsessed with finding a certain type of sunglasses that would have been cake in the early 1990s. I want super iridescent shiny sunglasses that are a shield. This guy had some- he also looked like the uni-bomber in non-hipster-and-very-scary-running-from-a-crime sort of way so its probably a good thing that he didn’t hear–ran from the weird girl on the bike–me yelling at him.


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