The weekend was horrible but now things are okay. Parts were good- shopping with my neice and my nephew’s birthday. I got him what he wanted: purple skinny jeans. He turned 9. I think I am old because why would anyone want purple skinny jeans. He does look cute in them- kindof like a skinny grape- a raisin without the wrinkles.

I will get back to my new format tonight. I am not a weekend poster. I did okay with my accountability: I ran 4.5 miles!!! yesterday. but I fell off the saving wagon because of a must-have lace shirt.

Anyway- I’ll be back later tonight to discuss today’s feats or not-feats.


2 thoughts on “weekend…

  1. claire says:

    sorry about the weekend 😦 and YAY for 4.5 miles!!!

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Yeah- I want to run FURTHER! now.

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