Doing: Watching tv & Hanging with my brother and his son
Reading: Woman in the Dunes
Watching: Fringe
Listening: NPR: Fresh Air, Talk of the Nation
Saving: .25*$
Buying: nf almond steamer, buger, arnold palmer, fries, $2 video poker at dinner (my brother started it!)
Exercising: biking home from work
Eating: everything bagel w/cc, coffee w/ whole milk, white bean chicken soup with escarole (soup cycle), bread&salad, pear, 16oz nf almond steamer,burger&fixings, icetea/lemonade, glasso’wine.
Weighing: -1.5lbs!!! (04.07.10)

First- I just want to say that I missed putting down my 15 minute abs class yesterday. For those who think 15 minutes of abs is nothing- they have not done a 15 minute abs class. It hurts soooo bad. I am going to start stength training my abs during the week to prepare. My brother didn’t believe me so I had him try and do plank for 1 minute- he lasted 10 seconds…maybe. Plank position sucks. For those of you who do not do yoga or pilates, plank is similar to a push up position: on your hands and feet- hands directly under your shoulders and extended- now hold for 1 minute. I can last about 15 seconds.

This 1 minute hold used to be so easy for me and now its super hard. It took me forever to figure out why- at first I thought it was because I broke my wrist in the fall but then I remember when I did before I was doing yoga 3 times a week. So I think I am going to start doing yoga in order to prepare for my 15 minute ab class once a week.

Okay- I don’t have a ton to say tonight so I am going to continue drinking my glass of wine and watch Fringe. Heading to the beach this weekend- I am going to bring my little camera and hopefully see what it can do.


2 thoughts on “today…

  1. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Oh- I also at tots/fries with my burger.

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:

    ate not at

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