Doing: Work & Exercise
Reading: Absolutely Nothing!
Watching: Modern Family, Cougartown
Listening: NPR: Fresh Air, Talk of the Nation
Saving: Next payday!
Buying: 0! NOTHING! WHooo!!!!
Exercising: Shred level 2 w/3lbs weights, Biking to work, walk from downtown to my moms, Turbokickingboxing class=pooped.
Eating: coffee w/whole milk, oatmeal, been burrito (TJs), Salad w/o&v, 1 bag popcorn, 1/2 apple w/2tbsp peanut butter, instant cocoa, 2slices of veggie-nocheese- pizza, dietcaffinefreeknockoff coke.
Weighing: -1.5lbs!!!

So I lost 1.5lbs (and maybe a tad more but want to weigh-ha!-on the side of caution)! This is a HUGE deal! I have never intentionally lost a pound before- it was always because of different birthcontrol or moving or being sick- never actually trying and this IS! Losing weight is not the whole goal- being fit is and I have totally noticed changes in my body from working out over the last few months. I always ask W to feel my abs and stare at my butt in a non-sexual manner (he thinks its weird). The issue is is that though the cellulite is less apparent on my ass, I am bigger. My stomach now has abs and fat and my ass- my ass is getting larger for the same muscle+fat reason. My ass, though nice, does not need to get bigger.

My friend Vi told me a while ago that my body was building muscle so I might not lose weight unless I starve myself. I might actually gain weight but then it will start falling off. I hope this is that becuase then it might mean that those unsightly layers might fall off. I love having a little cushion but right now I just have a little too much.

Oh- this is not going to turn into a weight-loss blog. THere are too many out there that are super good so I can’t compete- same with design blog, art blog, photography blog, fashion blog. But I am proud of myself so that is why I am talking about it today. Losing 1.5lbs is underlining turning over the accountability leaf.

I also want to mention that I did not spend a single penny today which is harder then you think- I did not grab coffee, or an afternoon snack or lunch or anything. That is pretty cool and pretty hard for me.

I think its the writing it down part (I know its only been 2 days- we shall see how this goes in the next couple months). Twice I have wanted cookie dough or icecream and I wanted to buy workout pants (at the end of my laundry cycle so my workout clothes are awful) but I didn’t do any of those things. I would have if I didn’t have to share what I spent or ate because I respect your opinion and hopefully this will teach me to respect my own. aaaawwwww……

Anyway- nothing much else happened today. Walking home from the gym across the Broadway Bridge was nice- almost balmyish.

Oh- I almost forgot- I didn’t get into OHSU. Don’t feel bad- its a good thing. I am excited about Philadelphia. Hopefully, this blog lean towards that adventure as we push forward with planning. Philly…come visit!


2 thoughts on “whoooo…..

  1. claire says:

    sorry about OHSU 😦 😦 you’re already ready for Philly though, so it’s okay! love the new format!

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:

    No worries- both W and I let out a huge breath and statistically there wasn’t a chance of me getting in. Thanks for the new format kudos!

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