the good…

Doing: Philosophy Class: Intro to Ethics: Socrates/Plato
Reading: Plato: Crito. Kobo Abe:Woman in The Dunes.
Watching: The Good Wife
Listening: NPR: Fresh Air, Talk of the Nation
Saving: Next payday!
Buying: 2 microwave bags of popcorn, 2 pack dentyne gum (WHOO not sugar free!), powerball ticket with multiplier, split shot americano,
1/2 sandwhich
Exercising: 300 calories on the eliptical (2.25 miles), pushups, abs (various), stretching, and walking 2.2 miles home from class
Eating: 6 Almonds, Fudgescicle, NF 16oz Lattee (tuesday coffee with Mom), Strawberries, Chicken Tikka (TJs) with 1 cup spinach, Strawberries with 2tbspn peanut butter, 1 bag popcorn, 1/2 sandwhich: turkey, cream cheese, avacado, 1/4 snack bag of potato chips (came with sandwhich and I threw them away), milk with 1stp vanilla (W vomiting).
Weighing: not Wednesday yet!!

I love my philosophy class. Actually, I dread going to it because its 4 hours after work on tuesdays but once I’m there I love it…so far…we are going over Socrates which is kindof fun and I’ve read this stuff at least twice before. The teacher (prof?) bouces around like Ellen Degeneres; pretty entertaining and I get to ponder things a lot. Today I pondered 2 things:

1. My emotional reaction to Replubicans is not ‘good.’ Socrates argues that we must always work towards the ‘good’ (heaven/nirvana/God/abscence of evil or abscence of not good…). One of the abstract priniciples that he talks about in the Crito is that you must never do harm to others no matter how much they harm you. Revenge=Bad. Lately I have been very emotional about the healthcare bill. I felt Obama should have rammed healthcare through like the Republicans did with various war bills. That he should not discuss or give voice to Republicans. To use his power like Bush. But this is ‘not good.’ This would be inflicting harm to society and our democratic process. So I am embracing this idea of ‘good’ and am happy he gave voice to conservative assholes no matter how much they didn’t deserve…complaining about $ when they fing KILLED PEOPLE…okay…um…backing down a bit.

2. I really like The Good Wife- its on tonight at 10pm- not sure what channel (6 in PDX). If I were going through her (the main characters) situation I would want to be exactly like her. Actually, I want to be like her in general- she exemplifies the idea of ‘good’ and does not fall to easy temptation…well she may in the future, but she is human. She is quiet and thoughtful and does not say nasty things about people. She listens. I know, I know- its a tv show, but I just would like to be more like her even if she is a fictional character. She is ‘good.’ -plus there are law&order sort of plots to keep you entertained while she is being ‘good.’

That’s it for tonight and NO- I am not smoking anything. I am this way naturally.

Seems like an appropriate picture (shaking hands with metaphysical or maybe a Predator! Predator 2 is the best bad movie!)


6 thoughts on “the good…

  1. Violet says:

    I read that woman in the dunes book in my Japanese Lit class. Good stuff. We watched the movie in class…DO NOT recommend.

    I like the new format, it allows us to keep up on the Learandom (ha, new word, just invented) don’t steal it. Ok, fine, you can.

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Man… I was going to watch the movie because I love old, silentish, Japanese movies. Is it dumb bad or more silent bad?

    Stealing it. The new format is awesome because I was going to eat a ton of ice cream but I was going to be kindof embarassed about writing it down so I didn’t. This may be a good way to avoid kid snacks/desserts that Ely has around the house.

  3. Violet says:

    Eh, I just have a weird thing about watching movies of books after I have read them. I like my own vision of the story, and then when I see someone else’s vision on screen, its always disappointing. And from then on, the movie is all I can see when I think of the book. Its for that reason I avoid movies of books I have read. Perfect Storm? Never seen it. Snow Falling on Cedars? Never seen it. You get the point.

  4. EJ says:

    That is my fav statue in the gorge. Marcus’ likes it as well. You feel like a dork after the 10th time walking back and forth in front of it


  5. EJ says:

    You still eat the snacks. With this line of thinking you should write down double what you eat then you will feel glad knowing that you only ate half of what you wrote:)

  6. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Nope- I write just what I eat. But I do eat snacks but not what I would if I didn’t write it down. I LOVE that statue too. Dissapearing Man at Maryhill Museum.

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