i’ve been out…

The last few weeks/month have been hard. Or, to be more specific, people I care about have had horrible tragedies.

So, I’ve been out…

I have also been thinking about reformatting the blog. To make it have more of a theme, or at least something to hold it together. I also want to be more accountable to myself via the blog because if I write it down I have to do it right….RIGHT

So I am going to try and blog every weekday even if it’s just to fill out the following strings-that-hold-the-blog-together (filled out with a combo example from the last few days- officially to start tomorrow).

Doing: Going out to dinner with W at Laurelhurst Market.

Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging (Nickelodeon…UGH I have cable now), Platinum Weddings (why the fuck do people spend thousands and then get cheap ass crystals- TACKY!), Iron Chef, Law & Order

Listening: This American Life, Enemy Camp

$$$ (each $ means $100 for moving)

Buying: Swimsuit from Ross ($12.99 and not hideous), bus tickets, quart of milk so I don’t buy lattees

Jillian Micheals Shred Level 2, 3 lbs weights

Oatmeal, Coffee with a splash of milk, Lemonade, Easter lunch!!!, Icecream with Milk (insert W vomiting here), small salad.

And a once a week weigh in on Wednesdays after kickboxing (just +/- from the week before and a total LOSS because no one but me needs to know my actual weight)

Weighing: not Wednesday yet!!


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