I just got home from work/4hour psychology class. I walk home; its my monday night exercise and about 2.5 miles through some of Portland’s not-so-nice neighborhoods (we don’t really have rough neighborhoods anymore until you get outside of the city). I love it- especially tonight because it clears my thoughts after a pretty loooonnngg monday. It also stretches my muscles instead of just pounding them like my usual gym workouts. I get bored at the gym unless something is in pain or I am dripping sweat- and not in that sexy ‘Flashdance’ sort of way. I am more like the beat-red huffing and puffing person next to you that makes you want to move three elpiticals down.

Its going to be a long week cumulating with a three-chapter test and research paper due on monday. No procrastination will be my daily chant. We shall see….


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