I just got a new Canon Powershot D10 underwater camera in the mail!! I have wanted this camera for over a year if not more- I have lost track of exactly how many times I have googled it. Last year my dad got me an SLR for xmas (he got my brother a washer and dryer so the bar was higher then usual). I love it and am slowly learning the many intricacies of manual shooting. But I want to shoot underwater and good housings for SLRs cost more than the camera: out of my budget. So I got the Cannon D10.

The reason I got a canon d10 (capitalizing sucks) over the other models despite a $100 price difference is because its better. I read whenever I buy a camera but I rarely understand all of it. I also google the shit out of it and maker sure all the other reviews are consistent.  What everyone agrees on is that 1)The D10 is the best point and shoot underwater camera 2) Its more expensive 3) Its fucking ugly. I care about 1, a little about 2 (my max was $300) and could give a shit about 3.

When it comes to 1 you have to know that not all digital cameras are a like- a point and shoot will never be an SLR though some higher-ends are getting super close. If you get a point and shoot I would stick with cannon or a camera that has a cannon lens (my first digital camera was a fuji that had a cannon lens). Always look at resolution. Also remember that the cute little cameras with the tiny lens holes are not as good as larger lens holes- in this case bigger is better. In the case of underwater cameras they were saying that Olympus and other cameras were photography really grainy (often seen at higher ISOs but in this case at ALL ISOs). That would drive me nuts so I paid a little more for the canon that is not supposed to be grainy- we shall see

For 2- I love online shopping. Physical stores were selling the d10 for $329, but I googled it and (though it may have ‘fallen off a truck’) got it for $264 with free 3-day shipping. At one point it was down to $249 on another site but that website was offshore and slightly scary.

Sometimes I like stuff to be stylin’ but in this case it is not important to me and its ugliness my prevent it from getting stolen. The bubbly body allows the d10 to go down to 33ft (opposed to the olympus that goes to 10ft), drop from 10ft, and take pictures in below freezing weather. It is really ugly but smaller than you would think- about the same size as the other cameras.

Anyway- that is my camera advice- we’ll have to see how the pictures turn out once summer is underway and I spend more time in the water.


2 thoughts on “camera…

  1. Thuha says:

    Nice! I love buying new cameras! I go through the same thing you do. I look at it for months and then look on dpreview. But why did you flush it?! You could have gotten the same effect by just taking a bath.

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Toilets are lots of fun when the 8-year-old nephew is helping. It was hard to get him to stop flushing it.
    I cannot wait to play with it- I have to go get a new memory card ASAP! and post pictures

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