We had a really nice drive out; stopped for breakfast in The Dalles at Cousins. Cousins is a nice, small-town, breakfast place where a rooster crows and a cow moos as you walk through the door, and, if your lucky–we weren’t, the toy train that runs along the ceiling is on. The host greets you with a ‘Welcome cousins!’ and shuffles you by some other ‘cousins’ to your table. Other then that, all you need to know is that I ate W’s pancakes and am no longer not (another ‘not’ not) eating flour. I like to have semi-obsessive eating habits that I call ‘life changes.’ Though, in my defense, I am sticking to most of them and no flour was only meant to be a week long ‘life change.’

We arrived in Hermiston and W’s Mom, Stepfather, and Dog greeted us with a lot of enthusiasm, especially the dog because he is a GIANT black lab; like Clifford but black. Seriously. After sitting for a moment we went on a grave search for someone (requested via the internet). The cemetery was abandoned with the last death in the 1920s meaning the tombstones were mostly knocked over and surrounded by sage brush. It was beautiful. See photos below. We did find the grave and then headed back to a warm steak dinner and a much needed mellow evening. I didn’t get my game of yatzee but that is for the best because they are pretty cut-throat and I NEVER get a yatzee.

PS: the giant black usually doesn’t look so strange- I just got a good shot of him shaking after he decided to take a swim. Oh- click on the thumbnails for larger views- might be in a couple different galleries because I am not so hot at uploading them yet.


3 thoughts on “hermiston…

  1. claire says:

    mmmmm, cousins! delicious!

  2. Thuha says:

    I saw the biggest dog in the world on a previously recorded Oprah today. He was a great dane but looked like a black Clifford the dog too. So cute.

  3. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Someday I want a big black great dane of my own- or maybe a big black fluffy dog.

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