In the next 6 months I have to save $3000 and buy at least 3 plane tickets and a netbook (for school).

For some, this goal would be quite achievable or only slightly hard but for others-not. I am a ‘not.’ I remember getting a $1 allowance for most of my childhood (well more like .20 because it was based on our cleaning our rooms and I am also a ‘not’ in that category). SIDEBAR: I am a ‘not’ for a lot of things: mailing in cell phone rebates, saving boarding passes to add to my air miles account, putting away dishes, putting away clothes, and making my bed on a daily basis. However- I used to be a ‘not’ in a lot more things: (remember to insert the ‘not’ so it’s a double negative) not eating pastries, limiting my TV, exercising on a regular basis, not eating shit tons of candy and ice cream,  not using my credit card.  END SIDEBAR.

So I got $1 a week and I remember my brother and step siblings saving every penny for vacation. At Cannon Beach, I would watch them buy salt water taffy, sea shells, tshirts, and other tacky knick knacks with envy. With my first jobs it was the same- I always pay my bills, then fritter, never reaching the end goal of saving or big purchases.

I have gotten better. I don’t buy everything at the register (yes those things were put there for people like me) and I limit how often I go into stores. The issue is that everything I buy is pretty cheap so it seems like nothing and then adds up to a whole lot. I also have a hard time with difference between need and want.

Why am I talking about this here? I don’t want to be a ‘not;’ I want to be saver, non-fritterer, respectable human being.  I’ve done away with some other ‘nots’ but this will be harder. I am making a life change to not fritter. I am not going to go into cheap stores like The Rack, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Semi-crappy used or local stores, etc. I am not allowed to spend any money until June wherein I can buy 2 things: a netbook (need), and the Victoria Secret bikini (really really want).  I must stick to my guns! Hmmm…maybe I will learn how to save and not even want the VS bikini…

Yeah right….


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