Valetine’s Day…

I like valentine’s day; it’s actually our 1 year anniversary-of-dating too which is a little corny but cute. I don’t like it in the ‘I want crap’ way- though.  I do like a little crap and I love the necklace I got this year partially because it is perfect and partially because W really went out of his way to get something that I would like. I got him an ITunes gift card (the dude loves music but not in the I’m-too-cool-for-school-and-work-at-a-record-store-way; he actually has a real job. GET A REAL JOB!!) and a plant (I think I need to get something he can kill for every celebration like Aquaman, the fish I got him for his birthday that died after a week and was replaced by Aquaman 2 that died after another week-we didn’t go for Aquaman 3) and a present that has not yet arrived that I hope he really really likes. We shall see.

Anyway I like Valentine ’s Day because it is an excuse to have fun. We didn’t go to dinner but we did make leisurely meals and drink a nice wine from Portugal that was super cheap at Fred Meyers. We also went to the zoo. I don’t think all couples love the zoo as much as we do but I think all couples should use Valentine ’s Day as an excuse to go out and enjoy each other’s company. When I think about it, with work and such, we really don’t get that much time to do events like the zoo.

So we spent the morning looking at the cascade trail (this is just like walking in a NW forest so it was a little boring but we made fun of the animals so it was okay- why is making fun of animals that can’t understand you so much fun?), petting goats at the petting zoo, watching the polar bears followed by watching the elephants (including elephant ears and hot chocolate),ignoring the overly obsessed  primate volunteer (she thought a baboon was in love with here-seriously and seriously-for-the-love-of-gawd get a life), and topped it off with feeding Laurakeets and watching a sea lion do tricks for fish. The sea lion was the best because they are W’s favorite animals- he LOVES them almost as much as he LOVES his dog which is equal to how much I LOVE sheer sleeves. Actually…I shouldn’t joke about how much W loves his dog because the dog is pretty much the best dog I’ve ever met.

Below is a picture of me and a orangatan, who was awesome and hated children. Please excuse the profile shot.


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