Miss Negativity…

or Negative Nacy…as long as it includes negative according to my friend Bob (names will be replaced on this blog with horrible nicknames or just acronyms- like the boyfriend will be…W…I think of him as W sometimes but not as in George W. Bush- Fing bastard!-I just love the letter).  ANYWAY some people think I am negative and I admit it. There is usually a reason. I want to say there is always a reason but I’m human and occasionally crabby.

Being negative, I wish Facebook had a “Things I hate” section instead of just interests. Sometimes my interests directly stem from being negative about another thing. For example. I do not like Stumptown Coffee- I know !blasphemy! in PDX. I hate the attitude. I hate the coffee. I hate how serious it is. I hate the crappy-trying-to-be-edgy art (seriously go to art school or at least take a color theory class!). I should go to another roaster.

But here’s the deal- other local roasters charge for using your visa card. I hate that almost as much as I hate Stumptown because it costs about .05 to make a cup of coffee and .10 for the cup, so that plus the visa fee still leaves over 1.00 profit.

Why don’t I just go to Starbucks? I do (though I used to HATE Starbucks because they are an evil corporation but got over it because the offer fair/organic trade and a living wage and healthcare for employees) but their coffee sucks. There should be a good coffee shop, with nice people, and that doesn’t have a visa charge. Thus blooms an interest!

I LOVE looking for the perfect coffee shop. I have two near my work downtown. Coffee Plant with a nifty logo, serves stumptown (which is okay), skilled/friendly baristas, AND no visa charge. Also Spella the cart is now, also, Spella the cafe. I LOVE Spella and talk talk talk about how awesome it is all the time. I even emailed W a list enumerating the various reasons why he should love Spella too. They wear button up shirts with ties and serve coffee that is Italieny authentic. They are no-nonesense/almost no fancy pastries. They don’t even let you put the cream and or sugar in your coffee- they do it and it is amazing. At the same time, they are relaxed without the ‘tude or art. Their bags of coffee last for a month at least, not the 4-5days of Stumptown.

So that is it- I am negative and I love coffee. I am sure my opinionated negativity will pop up from time to time but, in the end, we are all a little critical- I am just not good at keeping my mouth shut…but that is a whole other post.


4 thoughts on “Miss Negativity…

  1. claire says:

    You should taste the glorious and hip blue bottle coffee down here in SF. My fave place that uses it is sooo tasty and they make your drink before you pay and always speak in italian, which is just so romantic and lovely. Ciao!!

  2. claire says:

    i tried to post a comment earlier, gah, saying that you should check out the delicious and hip blue bottle coffee down here – i buy it at a lovely/romantic little coffee stand across from my work, where they make your drinks before they ring you up, they don’t have lowfat milk, and they speak italian even if you don’t! ciao!

  3. claire says:

    now i see that my earlier post was successful. oops. blog stalker!!

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